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Established in 2010, Our mission at UCIIT is to provide inimitable standards of learning, to Create and Disseminate Excellence in Knowledge and to enable its students to take best advantages of their education opportunities.
UCIIT seeks to identify and remove restraints on student’s learning process, so that aspirants may explore their capabilities and interests and develop their full intellectual and human potential.
UCIIT mission to give strong foundation for upcoming generation, who would not only be globally competent professionals but also serve towards the welfare of humanity as responsible and dedicated citizens. While learning, we provide most of the facilities to the students so that they can learn more and contribute in building of new generation.

        Information in UCIT education is one of the most progressive education institutions in Sitarganj udham singh nagar Uttarakhand. UCIT with its various study centers caters to the educational needs of students from all over the Uttarkahand. The salient features of the institutions can be summarized in the following points:
UCIT firmly believes in vocational education and attempts to offer a unique opportunity for the optimum development of students through using the appropriate methods. In order to ensure that every student get proper well systematic education through trained teachers.
A Close link and contact is maintained with the student their whole hearted involvement in the training to get their better prosperous future.
Effective emphasis is laid on the inculcation of eternal moral values which are so profoundly enshrined in your growing culture.
The teachers and the employees of centers are highly qualified and expert in their fields.
The UCIT supporter communications with other organizations concerned directly with education training program and other educational program. 

Our vision to be courses of choice for the students of INDIA for being forward thinking, socially sensitive & responsible and for using advance information and communication technology tools to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge.
We are eager to build up this exceptional institution by providing a lively environment for learning and discovering, sharing diverse thinking and expertise across the globe and fostering the next generations of leaders, who understand the complexities of technology and society to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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In our Centers trained, Qualified, competent and highly dedicated faculty to impart theoretical as well as practical training to the students. Regular involvement of the expert outside faculty from reputed institutions and organizations help in improving the quality and gives wider exposure to the students.

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